Feb 25, 2013

      Well as I sit here reminiscing about my amazing vacation, I am thinking about all of the things I would have liked to do that I didn’t or activities I wish were included in my vacation package. For example, I would have loved to go parasailing but it was too expensive! However, as I begin to think of these things I thought of a great classroom activity! The age group for this activity would probably work better in an elementary classroom setting, however if you had a high school business class it would also work, you would just have to change some things around. So here is what I suggest. Divide your class into groups of 5 or 6 and have them create their own vacation package. Within the vacation package they would have to create a healthy menu and a bunch of activities to get children up and moving! In order to make this a HAC activity, the students must lead each of the other groups through an activity that they would do on their vacation. Whether it is a relay race or a soccer game. Inform the students that the more creative their activity it, the better their mark but the more enjoyable the vacation is. The funniest and best moments on our reading weeks or march breaks are those moments when we do the most outrageous and different stuff. Who would want to go on a vacation and play a game that they could play at home? It is important to be creative and have fun with this activity.

       Throughout this epic classroom adventure it is once again crucial to remember that this is about creating a healthy active classroom. Keep the children informed about that. I truly believe that the only way we can change the generation of children that we are teaching is to give them the tools to change their own lifestyles.

Here are the top 5 tips I believe can make your vacation a healthier one.

 From this website: http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/nutrition_articles.asp?id=231 

  1.   Walk around the airport in between flights
  2.  Order vegetarian meals on the airplane
  3.   Always share dessert
  4.  Make use of the facilities and activities on your vacation
  5.   When eating at a buffet, fill half your plate with veggies and the rest with other meats or grains you want to try! AND ONLY GO UP ONCE! Try eating fruit for dessert.

These top five tips are tricks that are event easy for children. To make the walking around the airport fun, have a race or a scavenger hunt. Sharing dessert can be fun when you allow your kids to choose 2 they want and everyone can have a few bites. Children love to be active when doing fun activities so make sure they get involved with everything possible and hey if the kids get involved more, the more time their parents will have to relax! Well, that’s about it for the EPIC classroom adventure! I hope you try this out in your classroom and inform your students about the top five tricks!

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